Huge Explosion of Flowers

~Our dad loved gardening. I have moved these “Naked Lady” plants of his, from house to house. These are truly naked. No green to be seen. As you can see they have made a huge explosion. This bunch are near the house.

The epiphyllums are another flower my dad loved to grow. My epiphyllums are under a huge pepper tree. I have one that blooms later than the others.  This is the first year that this plant has had more than one bloom. Since the flower is so large the blooms only lasts for one day.

The size is 12″ tall and 11″ wide. I wish they lasted more than a day.


It is happy happy in the morning sun. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Huge Explosion of Flowers

  1. Well, you know I’m loving this post, since I adore flowers. We have a hummingbird that comes to our butterfly and rose bushes, around 6:00 each evening. Inspired by you, this morning, I finally got around to posting pictures of our flower garden.


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