Fun Times At Curls!

~Barb is supposed to be a part-time, substitute, mail carrier, but during the summer she has to cover for people on vacation so she works A LOT! This means we don’t get a chance to get together a heck of a lot. The same thing happens from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Hurray! She was off on Wednesday so I went up and spent Tuesday and Wednesday night with her. We had a blast!

When I got up to her place Tuesday afternoon, we had a wonderful walk around looking at flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. Took pictures of butterflies and flowers. Some of the flower pictures have already been posted.

I brought up a surprise craft project for us to do and she had a surprise project too!

This is how we started Wednesday morning; tea, cherries, and birds! Beautiful, clear morning. The bevy of quail were having a grand time running all over. The mockingbirds were engorging themselves on Barb’s berries. I am so thankful that All She Wants To Do blogged about the Peterson Bird app sale. I’d been wanting it and $.99 was quite a deal. Whipped out the iPhone and turned on the app to check out several bird calls. It was so funny to hear the Gambel’s Quail call back when we played their audio. Tried to get the Kestrel to come back by for a visit and kept playing it’s call, alas, it was to no avail. Saw a new bird for my life list – a Canyon Wren. This beautiful song was floating down to us from the roof top right above, when we glanced up there was this small bird with a long beak. The Jimmy Durante of birds! It then flew to the rocks below putting on quite a show by climbing all over the rocks. Finally there was such a large ridicule of mockingbirds that all of the smaller birds were scared off.

After a few hours the sun was high, the birds were gone so we decided it was time for breakfast. Barb whipped up a special, delicious Breakfast Sandwich.

Barb’s Delicious Breakfast Sandwich

Whole Grain Bread – toasted
Cooked egg – break into hot pan, after the white is a bit solid, puncture the yolk so it spreads out and cooks.
Slice of cheese – Barb used American.
*Peach butter – Barb’s home-made

Toast the bread, top with the cheese slice, add cooked egg to the very top. Slather with Barb’s home-made Peach Butter! 😎 *You can still make the sandwich without peach butter.

I’ve been wanting to cover compositions books. That’s the project I brought up for us. This is the craft area, we pulled out Barb’s kitchen table. The table was set up so we could watch our British mysteries while working. Sent a pic to the hubs and he said it looked as if a bunch of Kindergarteners had taken up residence! We’ll have a separate blog for our altered composition books AND the crazy project Barb had us do. 😎 Staples has the graph paper composition books on sale now if you want to get one and try the instructions we’ll be posting.

Such a wonderful time! Blinked my eyes and it was Thursday time to go home. Barb had to head to work. Her husband was out of town for a few days so it was just Chick Time – no guys allowed! 😎

8 thoughts on “Fun Times At Curls!

  1. Glad that Bird App is doing some good! So far, I’ve only used it to freak out my cat. Worth the 99 cents just for that πŸ™‚


  2. It looks like the two of you had a blast, that’s great! I can’t wait to see more of your project. I love birds, and have always tried to mimic the sounds they make. With some, I’m quite good and with other sounds…. let’s just say the birds look at me like I’m nuts. πŸ™‚

    We love kestrels, and occasionally we’ll see hawks and eagles.

    My favorite bird has always been the sparrow. Plain, yes, but still beautiful to me. πŸ™‚


    • q – I make a very good chicken sound! We had pet chickens. 😎 Barb lives in the foothills of our local mountains – about 1500 ft. She gets a lot of hawks, eagles and vultures. Even saw a kite the other day. I don’t have a favorite bird, only an unfavorite – the crow. Such a bully bird.


      • We had chickens too as children, 75 was the most we had. We also had goats, pigs, ducks, geese, and rabbits. Our neighbor had small amount of chickens and ducks in his back yard, but recently a raccoon killed and ate all of them. Our neighbor actually saw the raccoon killing them.


      • How sad. We didn’t live on a farm, just 1 acre. I brought the chickens home my first year of college. We hatched chickens in my biology class. When I asked the instructor what he was going to do with all the chickens (13) he said, “Give them to the fox.” I had hysterics, told him to get a box for me, and took the chicks home. 😎 They ran around the property eating all of the snails and bad bugs. We had “free-range” eggs for years. 😎 My sister had a Rhode Island Red named Pet, she really was a pet. She liked to jump up on our arms and be carried around. 😎 What a life. The dog next door got her. So sad about the raccoon killing the birds. 8-( I’ll leave my raccoon story for another day. 😎


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