My Dyed Harvest Yarn Shawlette

– This is one of the most satisfying knitting projects I have done. This is the vanilla yarn which I dye and have named Harvest Yarn. We blogged about our dying project in our very first post on March 27, “It’s All About the Dyeing!“.

I chose the “Maia” pattern from 7 Small Shawls, by Rosemary Hill. I thought the pattern looked like falling leaves which is perfect for my Harvest Yarn. I used my own, hand-made, heart stitch markers to keep track of the pattern and Q’s handmade cake covers to hold the yarn. Her pattern for the cake cover is featured in our April 7 post, “Cover that Cake with Colorful Berries“.

When I started working “Chart F,” it wasn’t working out, there was a problem. The pattern called for a 3sltog (slip 3, knit two together, pass three stitch over knit.) This makes a four stitch decrease. The stitch count kept coming out wrong, there were not enough stitches. After a bit of frogging, I did a 2sltog, a three stitch decrease, it worked out great.

The shawlette was soaked for 20 minutes. It was then blocked on my large blocking board. If you missed the instructions for making a large blocking board, check our May 6 Large Blocking Project part 1 post. I explain how it’s done.

What start out as plain, vanilla yarn was dyed and then knitted into a shawlette. It feels good making something no one else has. That is what is so great about knitting. You choose a project and make it your own. 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Dyed Harvest Yarn Shawlette

  1. That is so lovely, autumn and winter are my favorite times of year. I’ll have to check out your post about dyeing yarn, since I’m a fairly new to your site, there’s many posts I’ve not seen, even though I’ve backtracked a few months. Recently I dyed yarn, but I used natural dyes; mulberry, grape, and various flowers and herbs I grow in our garden.

    Congrats on solving the mistake. It’s always nice when you can fix an error with a pattern, right? I recently wrote about the error I encountered with the knitted doll I’m making, since I haven’t seen an errata page for that, and so I’ll be emailing the designer.

    I love making dolls, up until now they’ve been sewn and crocheted, so this is my first knitted amigurumi doll. I have no idea why I waited so long to make one. 😉


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