This Page Is For Handprints!

~Barb told me I wasn’t to look as she set-up a surprise project. She told me to open my Wreck This Journal to pages 13 and bring it into the kitchen. The page reads: This Page Is For Handprints Or Fingerprints. Get Them Dirty And Press Down.

This is the site that greeted me in the kitchen:

Ooey, gooey, fingerpaints. What a wonderful surprise! Barb gets to pick the pages we do and this was so awesome! Really a plus to our Chicks Only time together.

Yummy hands!

Plop onto the page.

Is this just a sneaky way for Barb to fingerprint me? Q’s is left, Curl’s is right.

Add some finishing touches and here are the results:



If you don’t have a Wreck This Journal yet. Get it! Kids would absolutely love this too. Now go do something totally messy today! 😎


2 thoughts on “This Page Is For Handprints!

  1. Something tells me some adults would enjoy this too, I know I would. This is something else I’ll add to the list of things for my daughter to do this summer.

    She loves fingerpaints, and we both love getting messy. You should see me after a few hours of gardening. I don’t really need an excuse to play around in dirt, heh.


    • Well since Barb and I are technically adults…. yea, adults love it! 😎 Your daughter would love it! Still so many messy things to do in the journal!

      A woman after our own hearts! We love to garden and play in the dirt! 😎


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