Teaching Old Stitches to the Young

  –  While in Montana, my niece was there with her daughter, Mercedez who loves to do crafts and learn new projects. Her great-grandmother, our mom, started showing her different cross stitch projects that mom and I had done. Mercedez really liked them, so mom decided to  teach her how to cross stitch.

She taught her not only how to cross stitch, but some embroidery stitches, French knot, chain stitch, detached chain stitch (aka: lazy daisy stitch), and button holes stitch.

I taught her how to read a cross stitch pattern. The pattern she had was of a snowman that was printed in black and white. Mom showed her how to color the stitches on the pattern to make them easier to follow. Her mom said she refused to go to bed until she finished the snowman’s scarf. I think she is hooked. It is so great to teach those that love to learn. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Teaching Old Stitches to the Young

  1. Isn’t your mom sweet? I bet it was a treat for both of them. My grandmom was a pocket lady. She loved putting pockets on everything, she was always busy, and would keep a variety of things in them. I learned how to make fancy pockets from her. I still have one of her modified aprons. 🙂

    You know… a few days ago, I taught my daughter how to read a simple crochet pattern. I also taught her how to read a sewing pattern. She’s sewn for about three years, but everything has been her own design. I was the same way, I knew how to sew for years before I read a pattern. I was designing/sewing my own patterns.


    • How wonderful! Mom was a Home Ec teacher, so all of our clothes were her designs. 😎 Lucky us!!! So we learned how you buy a basic pattern and then modify it buy cutting, etc until it is what you want. She had the French curves, etc to help draw patterns. What fun! 😎 I thought my daughters, but it “didn’t take”. 8-(


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