“The World of Downton Abbey”

~Ah, what fun to watch the Summer Olympics in London. Don’t you love the aerial shots of the area? I have to admit that diving is my favorite sport to watch since daughter Darcey was a diver! Takes me back to the wonderful times I spent watching her.

During one of the breaks, the commentator began by mentioning an epic show taking the world by storm! Say no more – I yelled, “Downton Abbey”. The Hubs and I LOVE this show, we have our daughters hooked on it too. If you haven’t seen it do so! The scenery is spectacular! The costumes are to die for! If you are into fashion, this is a can’t miss.  I want the hats!!! Character Sybil says, “Is there anything more thrilling than a new frock?” The cast is perfect! Geeze, Maggie Smith can you be any better? If I were an actress I’d want her part. You can download seasons online. The Olympic break showed a wonderful bit on the show. The show is the brain child of Julian Fellowes, who I first saw in Monarch of the Glen. If any of you saw Gosford Park, that was another of his creations. There was an lovely interview with him. The series is filmed at Highclere Castle. The aerial shots to the castle and grounds are stunning! I want to go into the maze.

My daughter Emily’s mother-in-law is British. When she returned from England about a month ago she brought a fabulous gift for me: “The World of Downton Abbey” book! It is fabulous. The pictures, the writing, sigh…. Such a perfect gift, thank you so much Jen! I am devouring the book. Love this quote by Lord Grantham, “My dear fellow. We all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished.” Too true!

The minute I got the book I started thumbing through the pages! I got to page 276 – 277 of the kitchen and burst out laughing! Remember the puzzles “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”, well I immediately saw a problem. I showed Hubs, Em, and s-i-l Steve, but they couldn’t see a problem. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I was the school’s yearbook advisor for 6 years and my eye just sees mistakes! 😎 That’s not to say I don’t make plenty of mistakes when writing/keyboarding. Have to share. Can you see the problem? (Ignore the fold in the center between the pages, that’s not it.) Please comment. 😎 Who else has a crazy eye-mind connection as mine? I’ll share the answer tomorrow. 😎


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