So Much Water, Glacier National Park

No matter rain or shine, Glacier National Park is spectacularly beautiful year round. With the abundant snow and rainfall this year, Glacier was teeming with waterfalls and streams. These are all run-off falls easily visible along the Going-to-the-Sun highway.

Driving up the brutally steep Going-to-the-Sun highway, this is the first waterfall that’s encountered. I’ve shown it from a distance and then closer up. When trying to find the name of this waterfall on the Glacier contour map, it technically is a rushing stream which goes through a bridge under the road and gushes thousands of feet below. I set think it looks as if it’s a waterfall and so does Q!

After the ride up and down the mountains, we took a walk through the trees. There will be another post with the vegetation  pictures.


2 thoughts on “So Much Water, Glacier National Park

    • I love being out door too. Yes Wi-Fi is fantastic. The only animal we saw was a ground hog. It was sitting on a rock. Too far to get a good enough picture to see what it was. No other wild life. Thanks Curls


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