Document Your Dinner

~WARNING! Those of you with weak stomaches proceed no further! Blame this 100% on Curls since she is the lucky picker of the Wreck This Journal pages. On our Chick’s Only Days she picked page 35 – “Document your dinner. Rub, Smear, Splatter Your Food. Use This Page As A Napkin.” Off we went to a local restaurant. Our order is well documented in our journal. I’m sure the other dinner patrons thought we’d lost our marbles. I mean who does that in public?

In surfing this past weekend, I found a few really cool sites! is a great online site for “developing” your digital pictures. Upload your picture and apply the basic editing tools. There are also some funky frames and effects you can add to your picture. Well worth a try. The food pictures were edited at that site instead of Lightroom which I usually use. Two FUN sites which have lots of layouts and elements to spice up blog pictures: TheCoffeeShop and PuglyPixel. The frame for today’s post was called Coffeeshop Facebook Cover 2 which is free. I did have to enlarge the template in Photoshop so I could use it for today’s post. The free font was one recommended by Thecoffeeshop and is called Pea Marsha from KevinandAmandas blog. I find it hard to believe that I went from using Photoshop every day while teaching to hardly using it. I’ve decided to make more of an effort to spruce up my blog layouts.

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