A Chance Photograph!

~A photo project I’ve been doing lately is to try and take picture of the butterflies that stop by to visit at my house and other places I’m visiting. You can image that it does take patience. The pictures have been taken with my point-and-shoot Canon using the zoom feature. I have taken a few with my telephoto lens on the Canon Rebel. I just hate having to keep changing lenses on the Rebel. Lucky Curls has two SLR cameras – one for the telephoto and one for the regular lens. Another camera is on our list. These pictures were all taken at Curl’s house when I was there for a visit a few weeks ago.

The Funereal Duskywing greeted me when I got out of my car at Barb’s. It’s been visiting my house too, but won’t stay in one place long enough for me to catch. This was flying around the oak tree. Barb said it has been a common visitor to the oak this summer. This was a “polite” butterfly and stayed in the shade so I didn’t get heat stroke taking the picture.

Running around in 90 degree weather for butterflies was nuts! I’m sure anyone watching would have thought we were going crazy. Skippers are appropriately named since we were skipping all over the front yard trying to get pictures. Look closely at the Woodland Skipper picture and you can see its curled “tongue”.

Capturing a picture of the Marine Blue was a total accident! I was trying to snap a Woodland Skipper. When we went inside to examine the photos, I was in for a treat. I missed the Woodland, but, just by chance, here was a blue. We’d seen the blue flying around, and had even tried to take a picture of one! This tiny, tiny butterfly is one of my favorites.

Hurray, seeing the American Lady means I have seen all of the “Ladies” in North America.  The markings are so distinct. Don’t they look as if they are eyes? That’s the purpose, to scare off predators. Two new life list butterflies: American Lady and Woodland Skipper.


6 thoughts on “A Chance Photograph!

  1. If I had seen you I wouldn’t have thought you were crazy running around with your camera..because I do that too and take a million pictures trying to get one or two good shots. Thank goodness for ditigal cameras.


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