Breath-taking Glacier National Park Flora

~Not only are the mountains, rivers and water falls beautiful, but the vegetation is also a wonderful thing to behold. Even with the harsh weather conditions, some of the alpine plants can live to be more than a hundred years old. The rain left everything fresh. Water droplets on leaves, trees and flowers.

There was plant material everywhere that I wanted to pick and throw into a dye pot! Q and I have read about cedar, moss and lichen. Too bad it was a National Park so I wasn’t able to pick to my heart’s content. The texture is so interesting. Have any of you dyed with these materials?

You can see the little bits of flowers peeping through. So colorful among all of the green foliage.


Hope you have enjoyed your virtual tour of Glacier National Park. Most of these pictures were taken on our walk through Trail of the Cedars.  This hike goes through some of the shadiest parts of the park. The trees are mainly hemlock, cottonwood, and red cedar.


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