Add Sparkle to Your Coffee

Yeah! Curls took some time off of work, came to visit, and we’re able to have Chick Time! We live 40 minutes apart so we don’t just drop in on each other. I had the perfect craft! We both LOVE Starbucks and have their clear plastic, insulated beverage cups. Too boring you say? Jazzing them up is just the ticket.


Insulated, clear plastic cup
Mod Podge
Foam paint brush

Assemble the materials you want to use. We are especially lucky to have our Grandma’s glitter and sequins. She was a first grade teacher and had a lot of that fun stuff. Barb, Curls, mixed up red and gold glitter together and I mixed up red, blue, green, gold and silver.

Using the foam brush, apply Mod Podge, grandma’s favorite glue, to a small portion of the cup.

Curls attached sequins and then sprinkled the glitter on the cup. She wanted a lighter coat of glitter.

Q did a heavy sprinkle of glitter and then attached sequins. If you are going to put this on the outside of a cup or glass, you will need to use a sealant. Since ours are inside of an insulated cup we didn’t. I’m still thinking that it might be necessary.

We let the cups dry over night. I have two cups, a tall one and a short one. For the short one I used sliver glitter and attached both purple and magenta sequins. Here are the super gorgeous results:

Yum, now that’s some kind of iced coffee! These can really qualify as an accessory. We can’t wait to use these cups at Starbucks!


One thought on “Add Sparkle to Your Coffee

  1. I’m always inspired by the two of you, and I love this photo. This looks like a great stocking gift for my father at Christmas time. And I know the person who’ll make it — my daughter. She loves glitter and my father loves coffee. I much prefer my herbal teas. 😉

    I’m sure he’ll cherish this gift, especially since she’ll make it. My father is definitely craft worthy.


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