SOS Needed – Color Affection

~Help needed! Last I checked, over 5000 Ravelry users have Color Affection by Veera Välimäki as a project.

I need input from all of you! What yarn should I use? I cannot use the small needles due to my friend Arthur-itis in my hands. I want to use size 6 needles. I cannot find a suitable yarn. Have any of you knitted the size that used Size 6 needles? Which yarn did you use? Curls and I went to two yarn stores yesterday, I left in frustration because I’m finding this IMPOSSIBLE!

Then there are the colors! I loved All She Wants To Do Is Knit’s reply to me. She recommends using a paint chip phone app to help pick colors! I’m going to download one ASAP. What a fabulous idea.  She too is drawn to bright colors, as am I. Curls doesn’t have that “problem”.  I wear a lot of orange during the summer, so I’m looking at bright oranges, sunny yellows, fiery reds, etc. But…. how will that translate during the winter months. Sigh…… Paint chip app, here I come.

SOS! Help needed. Input greatly appreciated. Yarns?

14 thoughts on “SOS Needed – Color Affection

  1. I think you should team your summery colors orange and red with a brown to transition slowly into the winter. The colors are very fall like and in the dead of winter your warm summer colors will help you feel warm as you remember the warm days at the beach.


  2. A couple of people i know ordered kits from Plucky Knitter.

    When I was at Yarnover in April I ended up buying yarn to make the fingering weight version of this shawl but have not done so yet. Huckleberry Knits. They had a lot of very nice colors.

    There’s also a local-ish yarn maker from WI called Sun Valley Fibers that makes a lot of nice fingering yarns that would work well for this shawl. I got some of those too, just in case I changed my mind about colors.


    • Thank you! Can those fingerlings be knit on US6? Some of the fingerling at the stores said US 1.5 – 3. Yuck! I can do short burst with small needles, like socks, but a large project would be too much. I’m going to check out those yarns because I love doing that! 😎 Really love your paint chip app idea! It’s now mine. 😎


  3. How about something like one of these sorts of colors as a main color.

    Then mix it with a couple of complimentary neutrals like these:

    Actually, those first two colors might go ok together, with a suitable neutral to blend things together.

    BTW, totally not trying to push Sun Valley. I just happened to be looking at their Web site after mentioning them in my previous comment.


    • My eyeballs are in a total feeding frenzy! What fabulous colors you sent me to see! YUM, YUM, YUM!!! Can they be knit on US 6? I’ll have to check. Right now I’m just having a eye feast! Thank you!!! The colors would be fabulous together!


      • This pattern comes in two variations. The fingering weight version is knitted on size 6 needles. The lace weight is knitted on 2.5. So you should be fine.


      • Problem is, when I looked on the fingerling yarn labels, the recommended US sizes were 1.5 – 3. Barb and I couldn’t find any finglering that used a larger needle. I haven’t knit the shawl, will that still work?


  4. I like the gold, red, and orange combination. If only you had a knitting machine you could finish it in a day. If I were hand knitting, I would use a sports weight yarn 2-3 ply yarn. A yarn you can wear all year around.


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