Holding Up the Patterns

~A while ago, one of the blogs I follow had a comment about what do knitters use to hold their patterns. I figured my pattern holder was blog worthy, it is perfect for me. I like to work on more than one project at a time, so I wanted a holder that could accommodate all of my patterns.

I took a plastic book holder and glued on a metal advertising sign, which I purchased at Michael’s. I purchased a sign which would project above the holder so I’d be able to have more usable space. I added some magnets and a metal clip and it’s complete.

This is what the holder looks like without any patterns on it. The front is magnetic. I love chocolate dipped cones, so this is the perfect sign. From the side, see how deep the area is for holding a book or patterns. Notice the extra magnets are stored on top of the the back.

This is what my holder presently looks like.  See how the metal clip holds an index card in place so I can follow the pattern? I can also write instructions on the index card if extra notations are needed; such as stitch abbreviations, etc. The right graph-lined, index card has a bead pattern for wrist warmers. The left index card has the simple pattern for a Lacy Shawl that Barb gave me. It’s the one I mentioned in the blog about the faggot stitch. If I need to add a book, there is plenty of room. This fits on the coffee table by me, or on the couch. I LOVE how convenient it is.


One of the best knitting tips I have is to use graph-lined, index cards for beaded knitting or lace patterns. A lot of lace knitting patterns have repeats across the row. I number the rows and graph the pattern. It is so much easier to read since it is larger.  I throw them in the knitting bag when I “go mobile”, they are small and a nice thickness. Index cards are definitely “my knitting helper”. Of course it works for crocheting.



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