What’s in Your Knitting Case?

~A while ago, a few of the blogs I follow showed what knitting items they always carry. Although it’s been too hot for my overly sweaty palms to knit, my knitting bag is at the ready!

Love my knitting accessory holder. Bought it at a knit shop in Salt Lake City on one of Barb’s and my adventures! Of course, I had to choose purple!


This is what it looks like when opened. There is a removable flap that goes into the top, you can see it leaning against the top of the case. I insert the flap to cover the needle sizer and magnifying lens. The bottom is magnetized so all of my metal items stay put.


Accessories sorted:

These are what I carry:

  • Chubs needles – in the case
  • scissors
  • row markers for knitting and crocheting – plastic items
  • stitch markers – I made both of them
  • cable needle
  • bead needle
  • safety pin
  • stitch drop picker-upper
  • needle sizer
  • magnifying lens
  • measuring tape – should be in there, forgot Barb and I took it out to measure ourselves. It’s a nice round one which fits perfectly!

I have to show you my special stitch drop picker-upper. My mom gave it to me when I was young to pick up the stitches I dropped. I don’t know what the original purpose was, I know it looks like the needles on a machine knitting machine but mom never had one. It’s perfect because it closes and hold the stitch in.

Carry on the thread and show up what’s in your knitting/crocheting case.



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