A Bunch of Ribbons

~It’s pretty evident by now, that I always have songs running through my head. This activity has “O Dear What Can the Matter Be?” running rampant through the gray cells! Out, out!

“…A bunch of blue ribbons
To tie up my bonnie brown hair”

Last week while browsing through one of my favorite time-user-upper sites, Pinterest, I came across the BEST ribbon storage idea. I have a ton of ribbon. This is the year I promised myself that every gift I give will be wrapped! Not my usual put-it-in-tissue-paper-and-then-a-pretty-bag, but actually wrapped in paper with ribbon trim! Also, the wrapping has to be unique with a hand-designed tag. As a result, I keep buying all types of ribbon. I have a ribbon holder mounted to my studio wall, but come on real estate is at a premium in that room. The idea: wrap the ribbon around a tongue depressor and put into a jar. Very simple!

~This jar came from my great-grandfather G. A. Saetre’s general mercantile store in Henning, Minnesota. The ribbon has been wound around the craft sticks, purchased at Michael’s. I tucked the end under a wound row below to “seal”. The original idea used pins, but I know from experience that they can leave holes and rust spots. All but one example is grosgrain ribbon. I tried to wrap the “slick” ribbon, not really a great success. You can see the example. I even tried to hold the end in place using a small hair scrunchy, alas….. (BTW – those small scrunchies are PERFECT for putting around sewing bobbins to hold the thread ends in place.)

So this has become my  new “mindless” activity while watching tv. I’ll be able to clean out at least a box of ribbon and put into an “easy viewer” holding my pretties!

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