Gremlins Ate My Design!

~What the heck? As I gave one last check to the blog before retiring last night, I noticed that both the header and background were missing! Neither Barb nor I noticed! Was there an unknown update to the theme? Or, did gremlins just eat the design elements? I do not have a clue as to when they disappeared, could have been days. Sigh…… Anyway, all should be back to normal now.

Hope you’re having a grand Labor Day Weekend. Alas, it does “officially” signal the end of summer vacation. Pretty soon the butterflies will find greener pastures. A visit to two local nurseries and my iPhone produced these shots.

Monarch, Woodland Skipper
Painted Lady, Umber Skipper


6 thoughts on “Gremlins Ate My Design!

  1. They’re beautiful! So jealous! You ladies are always taking in breathtaking natural beauty. I haven’t seen a butterfly that colorful in years!


  2. Monarchs are some of my favorite butterflies, I also love the praying mantis. Well… I love most insects. 🙂 Anyway, I often see the butterflies and praying mantis around our home, and who can blame them… we have a lot of flowers outside our house. Which makes a perfect spot for the praying mantis to catch insects. I’m always sad when I see they’ve caught a butterfly, but they have to eat too.


    • Insects and me….not so much! And don’t get me started on spiders! I did have to take a 5 unit Entomology course in college for my major. We were require to collect 75 insects! Extra points were given for a praying mantis since the school didn’t have one in it’s collection. We don’t see them so much. Send some over to eat the destructive ants! 😎


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