Mystery Eater!

– What is eating my plants? When my ground cover was gone over night, I thought it was rabbits. First, I rabbit-proofed most of my plants. Then, I saw a squirrel digging up the roots of the ground cover. Each day I go into my yard and find some new damage to my plants.

The real mystery is who is eating my plants. Most of these plants are on tables or planters to high for rabbits or squirrels to jump or reach.  Do opossums or skunks do this? It isn’t grasshopper or snails. The flat of ground cover, in the upper right hand corner, is sitting on my outside table. Something jumped up on to the chair and on to the table. I am stumped. What can this be? 😦


3 thoughts on “Mystery Eater!

  1. Depending on the distance it could possibly be a squirrel, they can jump about six feet off the ground, and appear to ‘glide’ about ten feet between things. THey’re amazing acrobats. We have a lot of squirrels around our home, I’m always amazed at what they get into. A few years ago, we seemed to be overrun with them, and they’d constantly pick produce from our garden. That was insane. 😉

    I do know groundhogs will eat plants right down to the base, we have those too, but their jumping skills are lacking. We’ve been able to keep most of the rodents at bay with homemade organic sprays– all include a healthy dose of habanero peppers; fresh from our garden.


    • Thanks for the help. The eating seems to go on at night. I haven’t seen ground squirrels out at night. The rabbits are still my only chose left. But there are no rabbit droppings around. Who knows. Haven’t seen anything new for a few nights. Hopefully it has moved on. Curls


  2. What an awful shame that you have lost so many plants. I won’t be much help I’m sure as you maybe don’t have the slugs, snails and earwigs that we have here in the UK. They can destroy lots of things overnight. Hope you can find out what is doing this and be able to get it sorted

    Love Chrissie xx


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