Norwegian Star Slippers or Тапочки-носочки “Норвежская звезда”

~I like looking at the statistics page of our blog. It’s fun to see the different countries which have come visiting! I’ve noticed quite an increase in Russian and surrounding countries. Countries using the Cryllic alphabet. My scientific brain kicked into gear and I dug until I found out why. Our Norwegian Star Slipper blog of April 21, 2012 has been translated into what Google Translate says is Russian and featured in a blog. Тапочки-носочки “Норвежская звезда” = Slipper-socks “Norwegian Star”. We welcome all of you visitors!

The blog seems to be called Ltava. There are all of the pictures of Barb’s hands showing how to pick up stitches along the provisional cast on.

Then there is this:

“Как делается горизонтальная косичка.Обмотать верхнюю часть носочка 3 раза нитками,это длина которая нам понадобится,вдеть нитку в иголку:протянуть нитку через две петли затем вернуться к первой петле снова протянуть нитку через эту петлю и т.д.На мой взгляд вот этот вариант лучше.”

I put it into Google Translate, it is referring to the bind-off method I show.

It looks as if they had clicked on the “Twined Knitting” tag. So it shows me that people do use the tags. Our blog was referenced with a link. Pictures from two other English-speaking blogs showing patterns from the Norwegian Slippers and Socks book were also featured. Boy, our blogs really do take us to other places! What a fun ride sitting in my computer chair! What’s the most exotic language you’ve been translated to? I’m saying that Russian is ours.

6 thoughts on “Norwegian Star Slippers or Тапочки-носочки “Норвежская звезда”

  1. Hah. I know what you mean. There was one day a few weeks ago when I was getting scads of traffic from Australia and couldn’t quite figure out why.


  2. Those are lovely.

    I don’t pay too much attention to my stats. I used to years ago — not so much anymore. Well not with my personal blogs, with my business sites that’s a different story.
    I do know that my personal site receives most of its visitors from those outside the USA.


    • Q – Thanks! 😎 I love to see who has visited. My vicarious field trip. If I didn’t I would have missed that my tea spout dodad has been translated into the Scandinavian languages, and featured at a Bahrain tea party. And that our slippers have been featured in Russia. What fun! I wonder why most of your visitors are from outside the US? See, my scientific brain craves for answers!


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