A Time To Dye!

~Guess what arrived yesterday? My Knitpick’s order. Remember the Color Affection post? Well, I decided to order fingerling yarn and dye it to my color specifications. Let’s think positive thoughts that it will work! I also ordered an Alpaca Shadow which I thought I could over-dye. Look at all that vanilla!

While surfing the Net last week I ran across an interview with Gail Callahan who invented the Color Grid. I wish I had this to show my Graphic Design students! It is quite a bit more visual than the regular color wheel. Of course, I ordered one. Getting Stitched on the Farm was holding a giveaway for a free Color Grid. I’m just going to say it – I HATE trying to leave comments on Blogspot. Time and again, after I give my pound of flesh and pint of blood, it still would not take my comments! Try as I may, I could not leave a comment for the free give-away. Alas!

Two shawls on Ravelry show the color combinations I think I’d like for my shawl.

Jon Dunn-BallanSummer Sunset by Jon Dunn-Ballam

Tanya BeliakFire Blanket by Tanya Beliak

See how the purplish contrasting color in the Fire Blanket just “pops” the colors? Thus the question: Do I wait for the Color Grid to arrive to look at which colors and values I want? Or, do I just jump right in and eyeball it? I’ve already decided to used the kettle method of dying, adding dry yarn so it will give a one-color “marbled” effect.

13 thoughts on “A Time To Dye!

  1. I agree with you and love the kettled look. I add my yarn dry and sometimes even give it an extra twist so the inside of the skien doesn’t take as much dye and then after an initial soak I untwist so the other part gets some dye also. if the pot is exhausted this would be the time to add more dye.
    I order yarn from knit picks to dye with also.
    I mostly go with natural dyeing and use plants from my garden. this week I used cosmos flowers from my garden and got the most beautiful orange. reds and purples are harder to get from native plants though. you can get a fantastic yellow from golden rod.


    • Q – Thank you! I appreciate the tip! I am definitely going to try your extra twist idea. We are both new to dyeing and love tips! For a 400 yd skein, how much dye do you usually add? Do you add just to cover or to submerge?

      I have flowers growing I wanted to dye with, unfortunately I have to dye outside and this summer is one of the hottest and longest I can remember. It’s over 100 in the shade. We usually don’t have long, humid summers. When I cools down, I’ll be trying natural dyes. I’ve collected a bunch of acorns. Have you dyed with acorns? Any hints?


  2. I’ve been eying that Bare Hare yarn, how is it? Have you used it before? Does it pill after washing. Hmm, must do a search on that yarn. My birthday is coming up in October and I’m gifting myself with yarn and beads. This weekend, I’m designing beaded jewelry, and am planning to incorporate some of my bead-work into tiny knitted bags.

    I really, really, really detest Blogger. I especially hate it when people make you sign into a service to comment. Those blogs that try to force me into signing into a service (Google, Typepad, WordPress, etc.,) I just pass by completely.

    YOou could always dye a few skeins and wait on the color chart to dye the others — unless they all plan to be the same color.

    Oh I love that fire blanket, why must you tempt me with all these yummy designs!


    • Q – I did my granddaughter’s shawl out of the Bare fingerling that I dyed. It turned out well. It didn’t pill in the pre-wash, dying, or post-wash. But I can’t absolutely attest to it.

      I’m glad someone else detests Blogger too! There are people I’d love to follow but….. Really a pound of flesh and a pint of blood! In fact, in the blog today I accidentally typed “Blooder”. 😎

      I am so anxious to dye. Problem is, it’s in the triple digits here and way to hot to dye. I really am adversely affected by heat. I REALLY REALLY want to dye some of the yarn. Hot and windy outside where I measure the dye, etc. Then it’s too hot in the house to leave a dye pot going. Whine, whine, whine!

      My pleasure tempting someone else. 😎 You do know I want to run out and buy some of those dolls you highlight just to make clothes? Can’t even say it’s for the granddaughter for when she comes to visit – since they are in Hawaii now. 😎 I’ve always loved dolls!


    • Mom, the woman is holding the Color Grid. Click on the link and it will take you to really good examples.

      I’d like to see Opal’s beading too! Opal, my mom make wonderful beaded jewelry, so did my dad.


    • I’m going to incorporate some of the beads into my little knitted purses. I’m making tiny medicine bags. I’ve made beaded medicine bags many years ago, but II really want to make a knitted version.

      most likely won’t get a chance to do that today, but Sunday I’ll have more time to play. 🙂 I’m also going to make some beaded rings. Eventually, I’ll have to make a tutorial.


  3. Hmmm, the color grid looks like it might be helpful. My advice is to go with what works for you. If you’ve had success with winging it, then do it! Sometimes planning too much does not work out right. And I TOTALLY agree with your comment about Blogspot. They have some great blogs but no “like” button and my comments often get lost and I have to retype. Grrrrr.


    • Thank you for the valued input! I’m not a skilled enough dyer to make sure the colors will work out together. If I can see what I’m aiming for I think I stand a better chance of “making” that color. Does this make sense?

      I’m so glad my dislike of Blogspot has been validated by others! They do have some great blogs, but I’d really like to see a “like” button. I have had many comments lost too. And to jump through the hoops to post a comment. A few have even had Captcha’s which I totally HATE! I second that Grrrrrr.


  4. It is going to be a lovely CA shawl in those colors! My granddaughter and I will be dying some pinks – she already made some blues & pinks. I thinkI will warp it up and weave two scarves – one for her and a matching one for either me or her other grandma. 🙂


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