Orange Is In The Air

~As a child in the 50’s, my mom bought a full-length, orange, mohair coat. She had a pair of killer orange high heels to match. She was a substitute teacher and I can still see her dressed, going to work, in the winter, with that orange coat on. She STILL wears that coat and it still looks really good. The point of the story is I really hated the color of the coat! Orange? What was she thinking?

Then, when my son was two, I took him shopping for clothes. I let him pick out the shirts and shorts he wanted. Guess which color? Yep, ORANGE! Was I surrounded by the curse of the orange? I’d never heard of anyone having orange as a favorite color until my son. I really loved cooler shades, what was with this? Now one of my grandsons, who is a clone of my son, loves orange. I guess I gave in and last year orange became one of my very favorite colors! Brainwashed you say?

Really, here in sunny California how could it have taken this long to like the color orange?  I liked the color peach. This happens to be one of my very favorite summer outfits! Toms came out with orange shoes this summer so I snapped up a pair! Can you see why I’d like to make a Color Affection shawl out of the colors I showed yesterday? I have two other orange skirts too.


Speaking of summer….. Yesterday San Diego County broke all types of heat records in the various cities and suburbs; triple digits. Come on now, it’s time to cool down a bit.


6 thoughts on “Orange Is In The Air

    • Thanks! I have to be honest. I have Knitter’s Attention Deficit Disorder (KADD), by the time I really finish the shawl it will be next summer. 😎 I always find new patterns and yarns that “I-must-try” so I have tons of projects on needles. Then guilt sets in and I finish something. 😎


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