What’s With All of the Greenies?

~With record breaking heat, 106 yesterday, the only feasible time of day to water is the early morning. Opening the door, ready to grab my outdoor Crocs was this green beastie stilling on my Crocs. I couldn’t get it to leave, so I donned my flip-flops.

If memory serves me right, this might be a green katydid. I’ve never seen one and am depending on my memory from a college Entomology course I took back in the dark ages. If you know what it is, please let me know.

Turning to water my beautiful tomato plants, I was greeted with this sight:

Didn’t take the three bears to figure out what’s been eating my plants. The d*&% Tomato Hornworm caterpillar, the larva of the Five-spotted Hawkmoth.

About a month ago one decimated my yellow “cherry” tomato plant. It wasn’t there one morning, the next morning my plant was eaten alive! This morning there were THREE chomping away. I did what any mature person does, gave a little screech, picked off the twig with the “bug”, and threw it across the yard onto a piece of plywood. Repeat 3X. I then covered all three with an escape-proof jar. I really have to admit that they give me the total heebee geebees! Now I’ll have to go out into the heat later to make sure none were hiding. Barb found four huge ones in her yard and figured out they were eating all of her lovely plants.

At dusk a few days ago, I walked in and out of the house getting “things” so I could sit on the patio. When I finally situated myself with book and iced tea, Hans was sniffing curiously at something on the patio rug. Screech! It was a Tomato Hornworm. What the heck? Just stilling on the patio? Not even close to my tomato plants! Where the heck had it come from? And, better question, how did I not step on it while going in-and-out of the house? It was directly in the path. I did what any sane person would do and called the Hubs to please get it!

That’s it for the greenies! I’d best not see any other beasties today. Where are the robins to eat these? Or, maybe the scrub jays?


2 thoughts on “What’s With All of the Greenies?

  1. That certainly does look like katydid. The most rare, are the pink Katydids, their color is simply gorgeous. If I remember correctly, that color is achieved by a condition called erythrism. Most people will never see the pink ones. I’ve only seen one once, I was a child. I felt like I’d found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 😉 Kaytdids are quite inquisitive and always check me out when I’m holding them, and telling my daughter about their amazing abilities. She knows almost as much about insects as I do.

    She’s great at identifying them, and is a welcome companion on my insect hunts. I do like that she isn’t afraid of most critters that cause other her age to run screaming. I thought it best to educate her about them, and how cool they can be. I’ve been fascinated by most creatures since I can remember, my parents encouraged that curiosity…. but there I go getting off topic. *grins

    We have horn worms too, when I would see them, I’d pick them up and relocate them. They turn into lovely moths. I must say, I haven’t seen too many this year, many thanks to using my homemade habanero garlic spray.


  2. I’m more of a bird and butterfly person. 😎 My grandkids love to look with me. Jack had to Facetime with me to show me the birds they saw on a nature walk. His mom bought one of those bird handouts that National Parks sell. He had to let me know they’d go there when we visit so he could share the birds. 😎 His teacher is a bird watcher too so the class goes out on nature walks! I’m glad your daughter enjoys the creatures! Daughter Em, when little, would pick up crawlers when out and about and put in her pockets! No matter how many times I told her that would kill the bug, she said she was keeping them safe in her pocket from the birds.

    Insects don’t bother me if I am expecting them! It’s just like mice. But if I’m not expecting one….. Yikes! I was intrigued by the katydid. But, I do not like hornworms!

    As microbiology major, I was required to take an entomology course. We were required to catch and pin 75 different insects. 😎 I really hated having to catch the butterflies!

    I’ll have to try the spray. Do you have a good recipe you like?


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