Lovin’ the Photography Field Trips

The Hubs has signed up for another 12 week photography class through Grossmont Adult School. Hurrah! They have a photography field trip every other Monday, which, of course, I go on too! Today we’re going to Old Town San Diego. It’s the site of the original Mexican settlers who started San Diego. If it gets too hot to be outside, I’ll just pop into The Shepherdess and fondle all of the lovely beads, etc while Hubs bakes in the sun.

Presidio Park, Old Town San Diego – picture from site

The other field trips will be to:

Seaport Village – picture from site’s album

Mission San Diego de Alcala – picture from Wikipedia

Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, Ca – picture from site

Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego – Picture of Old San Diego dam from site

USS Midway Museum, San Diego – picture from site

Expect an armchair adventure every other Tuesday! Neither of us have been to the USS Midway museum so this will be a new adventure. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Photography Field Trips

  1. It’s all SO beautiful! I love having the chance to be around water. It looks so peaceful and beautiful. Now I wanna go!! Lol! Can’t wait to see your photos from these.

    I have to live vicariously through you ladies. There’s nothing y’all don’t do!


    • Q – Thank you! I love being around water, just not so keen on being in it! Most people don’t realize that the ocean here in California is COLD! Comes down from Alaska. 😎 We’re lucky if it gets up to 74 degrees in the summer. Will post pics tomorrow.


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