Good Things

~A day of excitement. First, my new Keurig Brewer arrived late yesterday. I have a special “in” at theDealyo. I had asked two of my daughters to please let me know when there was another fantastic, can’t-miss, deal on Keurig Brewers. Darcey, owner of theDealyo, and Em, who helps out, let me know about a great deal – cheapest on the Internet. I snapped it up at Kohl’s online. It arrived and came with some samples. I’m drinking the French Vanilla with breakfast! Not the best pic, sorry. Too dark, but I don’t have time to wait for the sun.

Then, hurray, today is the first day of Spinning Class conducted by Margaret Can’t-Remember-Her-Last-Name. What wonders will I learn? What fabulous fibers will I finger? Can’t wait. This is short but sweet today since it’s almost time to leave for class. Can’t wait! Will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Yet another way to make coffee! Love it! Of course I’m already committed to my little French press. While coffee is ambrosia to my nose and tongue, Thor can’t stand both the taste and smell of coffee. (I am sure it’s because he grew up in a house that drank yucky roasts out of a can.)


    • I use my French Press to make iced coffee. Brew and stick in the refrigerator! Hubs loves the smell of coffee but hates the taste! Weird – I tell him it’s unAmerican! LOL! I bought a special coffee or tea holder so I can make my own brand of coffee or tea. The first cup ever this morning was fantastic!


    • My girls have had them an I finally decided that I need one too! Especially after daughter Em said she makes tea with hers. I bought that little “basket” from Amazon so I can grind my own beans and use my own teas.

      Spinning class was great! I’ll write about it tomorrow. 😎


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