And The Bill Goes To…

~Remember I blogged about being tempted by other bloggers. (Alan don’t read the blog today or you’ll filter out her site!) Well, one blogger in particular has “made me” spend more money than any other! The bill goes to Weekend Knitter! Really! She always shows such wonderful gadgets and things to buy. This is a list of what she “led me” to buy:

  1. Spinning Wool Beyond The Basics by Anne Field
  2. Spinner’s Control Card
  3. Carnauba and Lavender Wax
  4. Solid Purpleheart wood Golding Spindle

The fibers she spins are totally yummy and I’d love to purchase all of them, but I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for now.

Look at the head of the spindle. It has two notches to help hold the yarn in the hook. The hook is perfect, it actually keeps the spun yarn in place when twirling the spindle. The head is the perfect size for keeping the yarn underneath when winding it on. Remember the Jasper spindle I’d been “tricked” into buying because of it’s beauty? The one in which the head was so small and slippery that the yarn wouldn’t stay wound?

Looking at the shaft you can see the grooves in it. This really helps keep the shaft “parked” when drafting the fiber. I haven’t had it slip once! Spinning with this spindle is heaven. The heft is perfect! I believe I’ve finally found the spindle of my dreams!


6 thoughts on “And The Bill Goes To…

    • I LOVE it! I couldn’t get the hang of using a spindle with the wooden one we got in class. It seemed to wobble, etc. This has such a nicely weighted spin. Doing so much better with this spindle, when I don’t feel as if I want to use the spinning wheel. I highly recommend purchasing one. I like reading that your spinning is coming along nicely. 😎


      • I purchased a nice light spindle from a seller on Etsy and really like it. It’s not weighted though. I’m wondering how the Golding would compare. I definitely like it better than my other two spindles, which tend to do the wobble thing.


      • I wonder. My spinning teacher said a 2 oz spindle is recommended for beginning spinners. So, I made sure the Golding was around 2 oz. My original one was 2 oz, but it didn’t handle anywhere near as nicely as the Golding. People in class have some wonderful looking spindles which I’d love to try. Some of them are tiny little things that look like claws.


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