Joycie, Master Knitter

~When daughter Emily  and Steve were married last December, his grandmother, Joycie, came over from England for the wedding. His grandmother is quite a lovely woman and a brilliant knitter! Really, quite brilliant. We were blessed with a new grandson last November and she made quite a few adorable sweaters for him. At the time, my Marine s-i-l was to be stationed in Northern California near Reno where it snows in the winter. The sweaters were the perfect gift! Well, it ended up that they were sent to Hawaii!

Joycie gave the most stunning, hand-knit gift to me, which I took to be a Pi-type shawl. She said it was a table cover. Now, I have a cat who would turn this beautiful piece of knitting into a major hairball and tatters with just a blink of an eye. I’m going to use one of my beautiful pins and use it as a shawlette. Look at the fine detail in this. Also, she made one for Emily. I’m overwhelmed with such a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Thank you Joycie!

JoycieAnd speaking of weddings. Happy Anniversary to my bridegroom of 40 years! There aren’t any fabulous wedding pictures to share since we eloped!


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