Football’s On, It’s Time To Read

~Hurray! My new Kindle has arrived. I ordered a different skin from my old Kindle. Even though both have keyboards to play Every Word, my new Kindle is much smaller. The new skin covers the keys which is great, don’t have to worry about spilling coffee or iced tea on them. I’m presently reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which I checked out and downloaded from the San Diego County Library. I have requested quite a few eBooks and am waiting patiently until they are available: one hold I am person 1 of 1 waiting for the book, another I am person 19 of 21. It’s a cheap way to read newer books. I checked out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from Amazon.  Today is Charger’s football which the Hubs will be watching, so I’ll read. Ok, so three of my four kids are shaking their heads, “Mom, mom, mom!” It’s to be back in the 90’s today, perfect day to drink iced tea and read!

And, double hurray! Curls is home from a two-week vacation to Monterey, California so she’ll be able to regale you with wonderful tales and sights.



4 thoughts on “Football’s On, It’s Time To Read

    • Thanks! I just saw your score during your road trip. How fantastic! I had to smile when you described your husband as “Peacefully waiting” that describes mine too. We’re headed to Austin in Nov, I might have to do a detour! 😎

      I am enjoying my Kindle! Can’t decide: knit, spin, or Kindle! 😎


    • We saw the tv movie too! I’m surprised that I don’t remember much as I read the book. Told Alan we’ll be watching both movies again: the English subtitle and the new American release.


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