Reader Appreciation Award

~What a pleasant surprise to sit down at the computer yesterday morning and see that Fibercrush has nominated us for the Reader Appreciation Award.  We really appreciate the nomination. Fibercrush is one of our latest “discoveries”.  We love her blog because she’s as eclectic as we are, writing about fibers, dyeing, quilting, etc. I’ve been through everyone of her posts. Really, she is a can’t-miss! I’ve actually copied the rules from her site.

The rules for receiving this award are as follows.
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

The Questions
Your favourite color? Q – To numerous to like just one, Curls – Red
Your favourite animal? Q and Curls – Cats
Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Curls – Coffee, Q – Iced Tea

Facebook or Twitter? Curls and Q – Facebook
Your favourite pattern? Q – Circles, Curls – Diamond
Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Curls and Q – giving. Although it is nice to receive random gifts.

Your favourite number? Curls – 8 ( I won a drawing as a child because my ticket stub ended in the number 8), Q – Always different, I like both 4 and 7
Your favourite day of the week? Curls and Q – Wednesday, don’t ask us why not sure
Your favourite flower? Curls – Iris, Q – Violet and Lavender
What is your passion? Overall – Fiber, we love to feel it, look at it, work with it, etc.

And the nominees are:

All She Wants To Do Is Knit – She always has wonderful knitting projects to share. We love her humorous style of writing! Don’t read this blog if you don’t need anymore knitting patterns.

Peacefully Knitting – Beautiful knitted objects, wonderful yarns. Another blog not to read if you are on a budget! 😎

Pillows A-La-Mode – Very fun and useful craft projects. Quite brilliant ideas.

Leanne Cole’s Photography Field Trips – Lovely photographs and tutorials. Explains her thought process in “developing” her photos.

A Pile of Sheep – Another fiber site we’ve recently discovered.

Weekend Knitter – Wonderful fibers, projects, ideas. The site that has cost Q the most money. 😎 Stay away if you’re on a budget!

Celebrate Life! – Another eclectic site. Love the different topics as well as the fiber “talks”.

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