Warts, Slubs, and All

~Here it is in all it’s glory, Adirondack has been spun and plied! I hadn’t spun in 3 months so I probably should have warmed up on something else first. Oh well…. I use American Long Draw to spin and then double plied. There were 4 ounces and I never realized how tiring plying is. Yikes!

I’ve ended up with about 90 yards of two-ply woolen yarn so the question becomes, what shall I knit? Curls recommended a keyhole type scarf. I’ve looked at some of the patterns and wonder if I have enough yarn. Some of you knitters out there, what charming items have you knitted with about 90 yards of woolen yarn?


Off to spinning class today. There is so much to blog about this week! Enjoy your day and make sure to share your wonderful crafty ideas with us!

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