Views From The San Diego Bay

~It’s easy to forget that San Diego is a Navy base until you visit the San Diego Bay. Seaport Village fronts part of the bay, and from it’s vantage point you can look across to North Island Naval Airbase, which is on Coronado Island, see the USS Midway, a floating museum, and, if you’re lucky, a naval vessel traveling by. On Monday’s field trip to Seaport Village we were lucky enough to catch the USS Preble, a destroyer, speeding by, heading out to sea. It was going at a such a fast clip that I didn’t have time to get the entire ship. My hats off to all of the men and women who serve our country!

USS Preble

The day was one of those hazy, brown days which make photography difficult. Just a short walk down the boardwalk and the USS Midway museum is visible. The top right picture shows the actual distance from our stance. I zoomed in for the rest of the pictures. One of our photography field trips is on the Midway, so you’ll get to see her up-close-and-personal. I’ll write a bit about her history then.

Naval Security rushing across the bay towards North Island.

We were surprised to see fishing boats at Tuna Harbor which weren’t out on this beautiful, hazy, hot day.

There is also the Embarcadero Marina at the southern end of Seaport Village. If you’re visiting at the right time, you can see Jerry Lewis’ boat, Sam’s Place, docked here. We’ve seen it in the past.

From the bay view we turned back walking the few steps inland towards Seaport Village, time to view the flowers and stores, but that’s another day.


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