Weird Sister

~Walking around in the heat taking pictures is exhausting work. Since one of our favorite bookstore-coffee shops, Upstart Crow, is at Seaport Village, it was perfectly natural to stop for a break. What book did my Weird Sister Barb see the second we walked into the store?

Gotta love that crazy sister of mine! Forget the books, let’s get down to business and head to the I-need-sustenance-now counter.

We shared the goodie! After our  break, the Hubs went back out into the heat to take pics while Barb and I remained in the coolness of the store and browsed through the knitting and craft books. We were laughing and having such a good time that the manager had to come over and join us for a bit.

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. The title and blurb intrigued me so I went home, checked out the digital book from the library, and downloaded it to my Kindle.  To be honest, it is not really my type of book. The story follows the lives of three adult sisters who, for various reasons returned to their hometown to live with their parents. Their dad is a Shakespearean professor, which was my favorite part since Shakespeare was quoted frequently, usually followed in conversation by the “translation”. As explained at the beginning of the book, the title comes from the three witches in Macbeth. The term was “wyrd” sisters and has a different meaning than our present definition of weird. Even though it’s on the New York Best Seller list, I only give it a “C” grade. I just didn’t think that the characters were always believable. Different strokes for different folks. 😎


3 thoughts on “Weird Sister

  1. I love the picture!

    When I saw the title of the book I instantly thought about MacBeth, I read the entire works of Shakespeare when I was either eight or ten. My father has a very old copy, printed in the early `800’s, that copy includes Shakespeare’s will as the foreward… a fascinating read.

    In a few weeks, I’ll be pestering you for your postal addy… Autumn soapmaking (for me) will be here soon.


  2. Q – What’s your favorite Shakespeare quote? Mine is,

    ” What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.”

    My science and computer students knew this quote well after having my class. I’m a face person and names don’t come as fast. After using the quote, I explained to the misnamed student that even if I didn’t call him/her by the correct name I knew to whom I was speaking. 😎

    Soapmaking sounds as if it’s a blast! Do you use potash, etc?


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