Southern Big Sur Coast

– The last two weeks in September, my husband and I took off for the Big Sur coast. What better way to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary? The first five days we were in the southern part of the Big Sur. We camped at Limekiln State Park. Arriving on Monday, we stayed for 4 nights. This campground has three areas: 1. in the Redwoods near the river, 2. on the river in Redwoods, and 3. by the beach. We stayed by the river which lulled us to sleep. The river campsites are small and for tents only. There is no cellular service along most of the service Southern Big Sur coast.

For our first day’s adventure, we drove about 15 miles south to Salmon Creek Trail. When hiking the trail, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there were falls at Salmon Creek. The falls weren’t marked in the signage by the road. These are the directions if you’re interested in visiting the falls:

  1. When you see a sign on the road for Salmon Creek Trail, park there.
  2. As you hike in, you’ll see to a sign pointing to the right for the trail. In the upper, left-hand, corner of the sign someone has added an arrow pointing left to falls.
  3. Stay to the left of the sign, walking along the river, and you will come to the falls.

Be extremely cautious of the Poison Oak. It is everywhere! West of the Rockies has Poison Oak, east of the Rockies has Poison Ivy.

On our way back to camp, we stopped at Gorda, a blink-your-eyes-and-you’re-through-it small town. We planned on having lunch there until we saw the prices. Yikes! It is a nice place for a break. We picked up a copy of the Free “Big Sur Guide” for Summer 2012 to Spring 2013. This is a must if you’re going to visit the area, since it is loaded with lots of great information.  We used this guide to help us find free wifi at Henry Miller’s Library. Off to the library we went.

This is a very peaceful place to spend and afternoon. The cat came running to us when we opened up our lunches. He hung around with us the whole time we stayed. Al was able to check his emails. They have coffee or tea for a donation. You can purchase books written by Henry Miller’s and by other authors. The tree is adorned with a pink flower made of tissue paper and a plastic butterfly.

Watch for more on Big Sur. 🙂


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