Mason In QR Code

~After mentioning the QR code in our August 26, 2012 post, I’ve been wanting to use it in a knitting project. There was both orange and gray yarn left over from the Angry Birds hats project. Perfect! I had already generated QR codes for all of my grandkids, and one of the grandkids LOVES orange.

Opened the Knit composition book I made and drafted a pattern. The composition book paper is graph paper. I plotted out the QR code, each square of the pattern represented a “knit 1”. The code was 21 squares wide and 21 squares long. I wanted a break between codes, so I added 3 stitches, you could add 1 or 2. Or, if you need a smaller hat, remove one of the codes. My pattern uses 4 QR code repeats.

Mason’s Slouchy Cap


US 5 and US 6 circular needles – I used a small length cable so I could knit the hat using one needle. You can use double pointed or two circular.
Yarn – I used So Soft acrylic that was left over from the angry bird hats. The hat used maybe 1/2 skein.
Needle – for weaving in ends

Gauge : Using US 6

5 St = 1 inch


Using the US 5 needle Cast on 96 stitches plus one extra, using a stretchy cast-on. I always use the Old Norwegian Cast on method..

Move the last stitch onto the needle with the first stitch and stitch both together. This way I don’t have twisted stitches AND I don’t have a hole where the two parts join.

Ribbing: 2 inches

K2, P2

Main Body – The rest of the hat is knit, there aren’t and purls. Change to US 6 circular needle.

Rows 1 – 3: Knit around

Rows 4 – 25: Knit pattern, leaving 3 knits between each QR code pattern. I used the twined stitch method, Fair Isle will work just as well. Place marker after each QR Code pattern. In other words, the markers will be placed 24 stitches apart.

Rows 26 – 29: Knit

Decrease Rows: The markers will be placed in new locations for the decrease.

Row 1: K10, k2tog, place marker – all of the markers will be in the correct place now, you’ll be decreasing the two stitches before the marker.
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: K9, k2tog
Row 4: Knit

Knit in is pattern, alternating the decrease row with the plain knitting row, until there are 16 stitches left. K2tog around, removing markers. This leaves 8 stitches. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Thread the tail two times through the 8 remaining stitches. Pull tight to close hole at the top of the hat.

Weave in the ends.

It’s easy to adjust the size of this hat by adding or removing QR Code pattern repeats. Or, use smaller or larger needles. The YarnPro app can help you choose the size needles that will work the best. Just choose the needle size and knit the swatch. Enter the data into the app and it will tell you the percentage smaller or larger the item will be.

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