Time To Cozy Up For Tea

~Yesterday was a Red Letter Day! I had a surprise in the mail from Caitlin the blogger of All She Wants To Do Is Knit. She held a contest a while ago whereby she would make something for the first three people who made a comment on her blog. Luckily, I was one of the commenters. After following my blog, it became apparent to her that I LOVE tea! So, she knit up a cozy for my until-now-cold-teapot. I immediately tried it on my teapot and it fits as a dream!  This is perfect timing since we are expecting our first storm of the fall today. Hurrah! Tried the cozy out this morning and what a delight. Picture me out on the patio, warm pot of tea, and reading. Sigh, it doesn’t get better than this. Unless I’m spinning or knitting. 😎 A big THANK YOU to Caitlin. Look how adorable it is!  I love the loop at the top so I can easily remove it. The colors are just wonderful. Double wonderful, it matches my tea spout do-dad.

Following Caitlin’s lead, I held the same contest. I owe her a hand-made gift. The problem is, I have four items in mind. I keep vacillating as to which would be the best. This is my problem, I think of ideas and then have a difficult time narrowing down. That’s why my stash of fiber, fabrics, and patterns is so big! Her blogs are so funny! I can hear her commenting that four would be just fine. Love your blog Caitlin it always makes me laugh out loud, and mega thanks for the cozy. I thank you and my teapot really thanks you.

Another plus yesterday was that, at spinning, I was given three The Republic of Tea cans: Strawberry Chocolate, Coconut Cocoa, and Red Velvet. She didn’t like them and asked if I would. Duh, of course! So my tea for today is Strawberry Chocolate, heavenly!

And a thought. Why are we “cosy” but it’s a teapot “cozy”? Is this one of the words that President Teddy Roosevelt pushed to change when in office? That’s why we spell it  “color” and the Brits spell it “colour”. (Autocorrect automatically changed the spelling, I changed it back and now there is a big red underline.) Another is “grey” vs “gray”. Ok, I’ll stop. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Time To Cozy Up For Tea

  1. I’m so glad you like it. I was trying to decide whether to make a smaller cozy or a larger cozy. I decided that you’re an enthusiastic person who doesn’t do things by halves. So you’re probably likely to make large pots of tea, even you can’t drink it all. After all, you might be really thirst..Or a friend might stop over… or…


    • Q – Oh, I make BIG pots. What I don’t drink hot is turned into ice tea throughout the day! I drink tea all day long. 😎

      BTW – I just thought of a fifth thing to make for you! ENOUGH!!! 😎 I promise, I’ll decide on one thing. Maybe if I go to a yarn store, a skein will scream out at me and that will make the decision? 😎


  2. What a wonderful prize. I still spell it Tea Cosy and think that is right in the uk or maybe I got it wrong lol. Now I am wanting to knit one instead of the one I sewed years ago.

    Love Chrissie xx


    • Q – LOL! Maybe it’s just individual spelling preference? Have you noticed that some of our words are spelled differently in the US? Started with Andrew Carnegie in the early 1900’s. He started a group to try and change the spelling of words to make it easier. Teddy Roosevelt made the Government Printing Office change the spelling of 300 words. Too funny!

      Would love to see a new knitted cozy. Please share if you make one!


      • Thank you for telling me about the word origins. I would be to embarrased to show my knitting as yours is so amazing

        Love Chrissie xxx


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