Southern Big Sur Continued

– Up early we decide to hike to see the falls and the lime kilns that the State Park is named after.

It was a great morning. The smell of the redwoods in the morning is heavenly. Both the hike to the falls and to the lime kilns is an easy one. The hike follows the Limekiln Creek. There are a few places where you need to cross the creek.

The falls are 100 ft drop.  The algae makes such beautiful colors on the rock. It  would be lovely to see these falls after a rain.

We retraced the trail back to the fork. We took the left fork this time to the lime kilns.  The Rockland Lime and Lumber Company started extracting, processing and exporting thousand of barrels of lime, in 1887.  They used wagons to bring the barrels out. The lime deposit was gone after 3 years and the redwoods were almost gone, too.

For the weekend we stayed in the Montery area. 🙂


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