Jazzy BFL

~Saturday was the Vista Fiber Festival, the only festival of it’s type in San Diego County. Barb had to work so I dragged the Hubs along. What a great time. Our spinning class has entered an International Back to Back Wool contest so the spinners and knitters were having a practice run which was fun to watch. There were so many luscious fleece, fibers and textiles to lovingly finger. It was difficult to limit my purchases. For once I did something totally untypical for me, I walked around and saw everything before deciding what to purchase. I decided on a color orgy superwash BFL wool top in colorway Jazz by Michaeline Marie and a bag of the softest mohair and wool blend by Stash. The mohair blend is a light gray which I will dye.


4 thoughts on “Jazzy BFL

    • Q – No, I haven’t. I have been tempted, just have been purchasing so much from various vendors. Also, I’m trying different breeds, so I guess I’d need to find one that sends out different breeds. Let me know if you find one you like. 😎


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