iPhone HDR, Who Knew?

~Fun times! Daughter Emily and s-i-l Steve meet us at our favorite brunch casino, Valley View in Valley Center, California. It was Friday so I could eat as much seafood as my heart’s desire. While eating, Em asked if I had updated my phone so the camera had new options. Well, I had updated the phone but knew nothing about the new options. Hurray! There is an HDR option with the new update. Of course, I had to try it right then. Below is was my first course, regular shot on the right and HDR on the left. Look at the depth of color in the HDR pic. It is a darkish restaurant so the pics are a bit grainy.

I’m so impressed that the iPhone camera is becoming better and better since I often don’t always have the “good” camera with me at opportune photo moments. The person who developed a phone with a decent camera is a genius! When I was the high school yearbook advisor where I taught, we did a competition page on student phone photo submissions. There really were some wonderful submissions. The most popular were sunsets/sunrises and hands held as a heart to serve as a frame for the background. Guess who all of the heart submissions were by? Right! Teenage girls. 😎 What are some of the fabulous photos you’ve taken with your iPhone? What are some of your favorite photo apps?




2 thoughts on “iPhone HDR, Who Knew?

  1. I take pictures of new dishes I create . If they’re really tempting, I send the pictures to my friend in Ohio who can’t boil water and her significant other always nags her to get the recipe from me. 🙂


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