Spinning Wheel Emergency Kit

~The spinning teacher lead a discussion regarding an emergency kit which every spinner should have close to the wheel when spinning. Most of the spinners have wheels which need to be oiled so they have a small knit. crochet, or woven bag to hold an oil container hanging from the wheel frame. My Lendrum, Mariah, is specifically built to not require oil. I found an online, emergency kit bag pattern, Pimp Your Wheel, which can hang from Mariah.

Items in my emergency kit:

Q-tips – to help clean orifice and spool holder
Silicon base compound – to keep spindle holder and orifice polished
Small ball of yarn – for leaders, to replace or add new
Spinner’s Control Card – to help spin correct size yarn
Yarn Gauge Conversion Table – To compare WPI with needle size
WPI tool
Pipe cleaner – to clean orifice
Clamp – to help hold “parked” yarn while taking a plying break

The class came up with this list, not all items are needed for every wheel:

Allen Wrench
Strip of leather
Toothbrush – cleaning orifice
Extra string or yarn – for leader
6 inch measure
String – for band
Non-skid material – to put wheel or lazy kate on if surface is slippery
Needle and thread
Screws, springs, washer
Oil catcher
Pipe cleaners
Rubber bands or hair ties


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