Monterey Bay Area For The Weekend

– Off we go to Monterey for the weekend. We left the campsite early. While stopped at the road work area, we over-heard the flag man talking about the 10 a.m., space shuttle fly-by. As soon as we got into cell range, my husband texted to see if it was true.

Well it was true. The shuttle toured part of California before it landed in Los Angeles. It flew over the Monterey Bay Aquarium at about 1000 feet. What a sight!  It is on its way to become a new exhibit at Los Angeles’ California Science Center museum.

After watching the shuttle, we were hungry for lunch.

Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterey Bay  is a great place to have a seafood lunch. I am wearing the finished Brioche Scarf that we blogged about on May 11, 2012. By the time you walk up and down the wharf, sampling the different clam chowders, you are so confused as to where to eat. Too many delicious taste choices! We, finally, decided on Paluca Trattoria.    It was a fantastic chose. Sitting outside, I ordered the clam chowder with garlic bread while my husband ordered the fish and chips.

After our superb lunch, we were ready to walk it off.

Cannery Row is a great place to walk and shop.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Cannery Row. Every vacation has to include a yarn shop visit, I went to the yarn shop The Twisted Stitch which is on the SW corner of Foam and Drake. The owner is very nice and friendly.

The downtown area of Monterey is great to see, too. We didn’t go downtown this trip. We are on our way to Carmel tomorrow. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Area For The Weekend

    • Hi, Thanks. The knitting the scarf was fun. Learning a new tech. was a challenge. Check out May 11, 2012 blog on how to make this scarf. Curls P.S. I love a good home made clam chowder.


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