Easy Fix For Another Spinning Oops!

~So my spinning isn’t even! I started with two equal weights of fiber and after spinning, as you can see, one bobbin had quite a bit more yarn left on it. You can see the short end of the yarn from the bobbin which ran out. (Another one of my tips is to attach Velcro tab to the spinning wheel to “park” the fiber when needed. When plying, I use the top Velcro to sandwich the two yarns.)


Not to worry, from spinning class, the teacher should us how to Andean ply the bobbin with the left-over yarn. Watching YouTube on my TV yesterday, I wrapped the yarn along with the instructions. The difference is that you don’t start with an end, just start winding the left-over yarn around your hand as shown, make sure to leave the bobbin on the lazy kate so that the yarn winds easily.



When you’ve wound all of the yarn around your hand, tie the wound end to the short end of the yarn left from the exhausted bobbin. Dropping the loop around my middle finger, I’ll have a yarn “bracelet” around my wrist.


With two strands, I’m ready to ply the yarn. Finished! This BFL Superwash was a total delight to spin.


This is the video I followed, it gives concise instructions. I really like videos that are short and to the point. In my opinion, the long, rambling, instructional videos are annoying. I’ve turned many an instructional video off after listening to the person yammer on for a minute about what they’ll be doing instead of getting down and doing it. 😎 Rant done! Try this. I’m really excited that I didn’t have to waste yarn or ply a tiny ball.


8 thoughts on “Easy Fix For Another Spinning Oops!

    • Q – Even though the teacher showed us how, I couldn’t remember when I got home. Have your wheel by the computer or TV so you can follow along with the video. That’s what I did and I was successful the first try! All the Andean plying does is set up so you’ll have two strands to ply with. When you have the wrap around your wrist, you have an end to attach and then ply as normal.


  1. Watching videos like these really make you appreciate the work that goes into handspun yarn, doesn’t it?

    Eventually I’ll purchase a spinning wheel. It most likely will be sometime next year, until then I’ll play around with a drop spindle to spin yarn.


    • Q – It really does! I have learned a lot from the videos. I finally got a spindle that I can spin with. Hurrah!

      I’ll give you the advice I got. Go to a store which sells quite a few different brand spinning wheels and try them out. This way you can find the perfect match! 😎 I was lucky enough to be in a spinning class too where the women let me try theirs. It is addicting. Once you get a wheel I won’t be surprised to hear that you’re raising fleece sheep and angora rabbits! 😎


  2. I’ve been there and done that with larger animals at our place. While I do (occasionally) help out at a friends sheep farm, I have no desire to raise them. They take time, and I’d need a caregiver to watch them when I was away. I’m not willing to put the effort into doing all that. I would raise rabbits though.:) My parents raised a large amount of rabbits when I was young, along with other farm animals.


    • Forgot to add, if I had my way there are a lot of ‘farm animals’ on our place. We have the room. High on that list would be cows. I’ve always loved them, but realistically, I know I don’t have the time to devote to raising them. To satisfy my cow craving, I do stop and visit a few on a friends farm. They are my big buddies and they seem to know me since they greet me with excited ‘moos’ πŸ™‚


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