Showing Off Natural Luster

-Luster/lustre – the sheen or shine of wool fibers due to the reflection of light off of the scales. Luster can be used to indicate how fine or coarse a fiber is; coarser fibers tend to have more luster.

In the last class, we learned how to evaluate a skein of handspun. One of the skeins was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The yarn was Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), one of my favorites. BLF has a natural luster and in order to accentuate the luster, the spinner used a cable ply. Look how shiny and beautiful this yarn is.

This is how the skein was cable spun:

  1. Ply a three-ply bobbin of yarn.
  2. Ply a second three-ply bobbin of yarn to match the first bobbin; make sure twist, direction, etc are the same.
  3. Now, ply bobbins one and two together in the opposite direction from the original plying. For example, if you plied S in the first two bobbins, ply Z in this step. You should end with a nicely balanced yarn.

I haven’t tried it but a cable ply is a special 6 ply which strengthens the yarn fiber, accentuates luster, and leave a smooth finish.


4 thoughts on “Showing Off Natural Luster

  1. Hurry up and get this yarn spun–and then give it to Curls–She can knit it for you–with all your spinning, how do you get time to knit??? Have seen on your log, Curls gorgeous shawls–and she will do a fantastic pattern with this new,sparkly yarn..


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