Lured In Again

~Temptress Tina of Peacefully Knitting has lured me into another mystery KAL. This time it’s Woolyworm Head’s Mystery Hat KAL. When she posted: Do you love a good mystery?  Do you love knitting hats?  If you said yes to both, then join in the fun for the 5th annual Woolly Wormhead mystery hat KAL on Ravelry. How the heck was I to pass that up? Believe-it-or-not, I am developing will-power I refused to click on her links to luscious fiber. I have enough to finish first. I have warned all of  my fellow spinners in class that if their fiber disappears, I didn’t take it. 😎

The first clue arrives today. Since this was such a last minute decision, I still haven’t decided on the yarn. I’d like to use some of my own  handspun. The three in the picture are in the running, left-to-right: gray mohair/wool blend which I just have to ply, red colonial top wool blend which I’m in the middle of spinning, and BFL which I have spun and plied. I’ll ply the fabulously soft mohair blend today. I’m really thinking of using one of the gray ones and overdying a forest green color.


The first  clue arrives today, I have to make a decision. Time to swatch.

7 thoughts on “Lured In Again

  1. Oh I like my new name…lol…but I’m not buying the will power to avoid clicking on my links :). I love your spinning and the colors are awesome together! I’m working on clue 1 of the KAL and I’m tickled you’re joining in the fun!


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