Marking The Place

~Desperate for stitch markers to use with my US 13 needles, Barb and I headed off to the store to purchase supplies for making markers. Success, I think my handmade heart stitch markers turned out well. I do love hearts. We purchased supplies to make smaller markers too.

Mean time, trying to get the gauge for the Mystery Hat KAL is making me NUTS! I’ve gone down a size and tried 3 different sport weight yarns. I keep putting the new swatch measurements into the YarnPro app by Karen of Sweaty Knitter. Although it is really for sweaters, skirts, etc. I use it for my small projects. It has recommended going down a needle size, check. It has recommended using a different yarn, check. The latest message from YarnPro says: The finished measurement based on you stitch gauge is 108.00, or 88.00 inches larger than the pattern’s finished measurement. This project is giving me more gray hairs. I have enough thank you! I’m already down to US 3 needles, I’m not going any smaller.


6 thoughts on “Marking The Place

  1. And the there is me who casted on without a gauge swatch …. yep, that’s me the non gauge swatcher but things always seem to work out. I hope you find the right gauge and not go too crazy. Fingers crossed for you :).


    • I usually don’t swatch. It just seemed to be stressed a few times in the instructions so…… Now, if my gray cells had honed in on knit in the round, I wouldn’t have worried. For some reason purling makes my knitting looser. 😎 Straight knit in the round, no problem! 😎


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