What Was I Thinking?

~First, congratulations are in order for my son-in-law Ernie. This marine was just promoted to sergeant-major, the highest rank for a non-com. We’re proud of him! He was notified yesterday which happened to be my daughter, Sarah, and his 10th wedding anniversary. Special day.

Yesterday I talked the hubs into going out to lunch and Barnes and Noble. We just “happened” to go by the yarn store on the way. 😎 I picked up a skein of Malabrigo 100% Merino, super wash, sport weight yarn called Arroyo, colorway 870 Candombe. Truthfully, I did hear it calling my  name the minute I stepped across the store’s threshold. When plied, my handspuns are just not fine enough, I really needed to purchase this sport weight yarn.

Last night, when I was replying to Temptress Tina of Peacefully Knitting’s comment, I had a “duh, what was I thinking?” moment. The Mystery KAL is knit in the round, I don’t need to swatch! (Truth be told, this is the first time I’ve swatched.) My knitting is alway right on, it’s when the purl is thrown in…. I admit, my Norwegian Purling method makes my knitting looser. Mystery Hat KAL  here I come! Thankfully, I read some of the comments in the group’s forum first. One member suggested using Judy’s Magic Cast-on. Curls and I used this for the Norwegian Slippers, but I sure never thought of using it for the hat brim. It is so perfect! Now I won’t have an end to close off, it’s already closed. Knitting with Malabrigo is as if there is a tiny bit of heaven in your hands.

4 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. Congratulations to your son-in-law!
    I need to get out to bookstores more, even if it is just to inhale the scent of paper and ink!
    I just discovered Malabrigo – I bought a sample of Malabrigo Chunky, and I’m hooked!! I uhmm splurged a little this week and bought more ‘samples’ … Hurricane Sandy made me do it … lol


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