Good Times At The Farmer’s Market

~Our local community college, Cuyamaca, has a farmer’s market every Saturday. The smell of the food court is enough to drive a person crazy! Hubs and I started out with a breakfast crepe; filled with an egg, bacon, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes. A taste of heaven in our mouths. While waiting for the crepe I struck up a conversation with the cook. He was born in France, but is presently living in Bozeman, Mt. A snow bird, he comes down to San Diego during the winter months. I can attest to the fact that he makes delicious crepes! We could not pass up the fresh lemonade from the vendor next to the crepes.

As we were savoring our breakfast, another couple stopped by our table and we discussed the merits of the breakfast crepe. The husband than told us we needed to try the Brazilian Snacks, at which point the husband sitting at the table to my left pipes up, “You have to try the Nutella Banana Brazilian Snack, ” as he holds up the treat for us to see. We put on our best “oh-no-we-can-resist-that” demeanor when we finished our crepes. Walking around, we experienced a taster’s delight: almonds, dates, bread, cheese, oils, etc. My new “adult” habit is to look at everything first and then buy! 😎 The siren song from the Nutella Banana Brazilian Snack floated across the entire farmer’s market and drew us back. Sigh…….. In our defense, we shared one.

One vendor, HazPaca, had alpaca fibers and yarn for sale. I felt all of the fluffies.  Alpaca is my favorite knitting yarn, just the lovely feel as it slips thorough the fingers. It was enjoyable talking with the owner, Patti Hazard. She and her husband own an alpaca ranch in Jamul, Ca, not to terribly far from the college. If you live in the area, you can arrange a visit to the farm, or next weekend, Saturday, November 10 there is a Fall Garden Festival a the Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden and the alpacas will be there available for petting. 😎 I purchased 4 oz of roving which is a lovely rust with silver mixed in. She also had some raw alpaca fiber. Raw alpaca fiber has very little natural grease so it has vegetable matter in it, but does not feel greasy.  It turns out that she has taken spinning classes from Margaret too. She threw in raw fiber for me to try. I’m going to spin from the lock. Score! The three raw fibers are coarse, medium, and kid alpaca. Can’t wait.

Ended the day by buying Mexican-Chocolate-powder almonds and Cranberry-Walnut Bread. Oops, forgot to buy any produce. Maybe next time….

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