Goodbye Tedium, Hopefully!

~Knitting a 21″ long, circular tube, on US 4 is the most BORING knitting ever! If Tina at Peacefully Knitting hadn’t already finished and posted hers, I would have quit knitting the 2012 Mystery Hat KAL. Poor hubs had to suffer through my continued complaining, hey I was fine the first 3 inches. Hurray! I finished the brim. I’m not sure if I’ll want a button or a crochet/knit/felted flower to go by the tab. Hopefully, the rest of the KAL will be more interesting. I swear I had knitting nightmares about knitting around, and around, and around……. The next clue is released November 9, cross my fingers that it will be a less, put-me-to-sleep knit. I am enthralled by how the brim looks and it fits my head perfectly.


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