Where, Oh Where, Did My Bit Of Fluff Go?

~In class, we were given the most beautiful, dark brown toned, Border Leicester/Rambouillet cross fiber. It was in the raw and Margaret asked us to spin it that way. She noticed it had these little bits of what looked like lice or insect eggs in the fiber. Not wanting to spin that on my wool area rug, I washed the fiber, letting it soak in very hot water and Soak for a good hour.  I had visions of little critters crawling on the rug, getting into the dog’s and the cat’s fur. Yuck! I first washed a tiny little bit to see how it reacted to the hot soak. I did this at night and put the bit of fluff outside to dry. Got up yesterday morning and this is what I found:

Where, oh where, did my bit of fluff go? I looked all over the patio, in the plants, etc to no avail!  What the heck would have stolen my fluff? Our pets are kept in at night, maybe a neighbor’s cat? A raccoon? A possum? A skunk? A bird? A mystery to me. Look, there isn’t even a small bit of fiber to show it had ever been there. Washing the rest of the fluff, I put it outside in the 90 degree heat yesterday and it quickly dried.

I wanted to spin this fiber what I call “in-the-rough”. It has little points, wavy crimp, etc. To keep this type of integrity I hand pulled the yarn apart to make a fluff cloud to spin from. Look at this interesting fiber. Super fun. The sun burned tips give an added depth of color.

Final small skein after soaking in hot water with Soak and hanging out to dry to balance the spin. I’ve been making felted wool coasters with my little bits of different breed wools. I might have enough to make two. And how could you not love a fiber from a Rambouillet sheep? Rambouillet rhymes with Creme Brûlée which I adore.

4 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where, Did My Bit Of Fluff Go?

    • Q – That is hysterical! Thank you for the link. I’ve never seen any squirrels in our neighborhood. We have tons of raccoons, opossums,skunks, and Swainson’s Hawks living here. Maybe the keep the squirrels away? Luckily, I just had a very small amount of fluff. Teaches me a lesson not to leave stuff out to dry overnight! 😎


    • Q – Thank you! I’m hoping it was birds for nests. 😎 I do put out fiber fluff in a suet feeder for the birds. California Towhees are a constant visitor in our backyard, maybe they couldn’t resist?


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