What A Surprise!

– What a surprise it was to actually see birds in my bird bath. It has been months since I made my bird bath. When it was first installed, the bees took over.  Just before leaving for our Big Sur adventure, my husband noticed that the bees had swarmed into our attic. When we got back home, we noticed that yellow jackets had taken over the bees’ nest. The bird bath had been abandoned.

The ground cover, as you know, was eaten by varmints when we were away on on July adventure. The plants around the bird bath were left untouched and are flourishing. Walking outdoors the other morning, I was excited to see that birds were actually using the bird bath. By the time I got my camera, most of the birds had flown away. The hummingbirds were the first to take a drink. The other birds showed up little by little. The scrub jay came and went. You can just see him flying out of the picture in the top right corner. I have bought another bowl to make a bath in the front yard. 🙂


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