Sweater’s on TV

~Admittedly, I get sidetracked by watching the beautiful hand-knit sweaters, shawls, hats, etc an period dresses that are on TV shows. The shawls on Cranford are wonderful, I’d love patterns. Lately I’ve had to have the hubs help me take pics of sweaters from TVshows. He freezes the picture on screen while I take the pics. Foyle’s War has two fabulous sweaters which the character Samantha is wearing. This is one of the sweaters. I know the resolution isn’t great, but I hope you get the feeling of how wonderful the sweater is. This sweater was from Foyle’s War episode Russian House.

November 9, time to check out the latest Mystery Hat KAL. At least it can’t be another 21 inch brim. 😎 Raining today so, of course, I have a migraine. That means I might not be knitting the latest clue.


2 thoughts on “Sweater’s on TV

  1. Let me know when you finish Samantha’s sweater. What color yarn you going to dye for that sweater?? White is nice, but a color would be better???


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