Strike One For An Online Yarn

~Let’s just say I have purchased a lot of yarn and fiber online and I finally got “a-bad-one”. It started a bit over 5 years ago with one of my students. There were quite a few Indians enrolled in the high school in which I taught. One student was Navajo on his maternal side and when he saw me knitting during lunch he made a comment that his grandma and aunts were weavers on the Rez in New Mexico. He told me about the Churro’s they raised for the yarn which was then woven into rugs. As a kid, in the late 50’s and 60’s, we travelled the Southwest and had visited many museums and general stores on reservations. At one of the stores my brother chose a rug as his souvenir, so I was familiar with the rough textured Curro yarn.  I became very curious about the Navajo Churro’s and did some online research, the result being that I ordered some. When it arrived I was quite disappointed, this was a single strand, slightly greasy, and badly spun yarn. I put it into a ziplock bag and stored it away.

In class, we got some Churro which is a double coated fleece.This is a beautiful, white fiber with both soft fleece and longer hair, which is rough on the hands to spin. The resulting yarn is a nicer yarn than the glop I ordered. The fleece came from a rescue animal so it is stressed. The local animal control found seven abandoned Churro’s which was sad since this animal is on the rare animal watch.

I’ve decided to knit a sit-upon with the nasty Churro and then felt it. Churro is really rough on the hands, I feel as if I’m getting blisters but I’m determined! Churro is not as greasy as sheep wool, but it does have some grease so I’m having to wash my hands frequently. There are also quite a bit of stickers which I get stuck with. This is not a fun knit, but it’s a present that I have to have done by today. I’m also surprised that for a double coated yarn, there is very little fuzz sticking out. You can see the long hairs on the white yarn which are missing on the dark, glop yarn.

Time to watch my recorded episode of Elementary while I knit, knit, knit so I can felt, felt, felt. Ta!


2 thoughts on “Strike One For An Online Yarn

  1. I can’t help but chuckle when I look at that yarn, it resembles my dreadlocks… but there is a big difference. Mine are soft, some people are surprised at its softness. I don’t like people putting their hand in my long locs, but I can think of a few of my friends who have asked to touch them just to see how they felt For my one yarny friend who touched them, I told her not to get any ideas about using my locks as a super bulky yarn! I can squeeze my soft squishy locs, but for most everyone else it’s hands off!

    I hope your poor fingers survived the rough treatment, and I look forward to seeing what you made.

    Oh, I’ll be pestering you for your postal mailing, so I can send you something for the Pay it forward. It’ll most likely be sent after the Thanksgiving holiday.


  2. Q – LOL! Reminds me of a story that always makes me smile. Daughter Sarah has very straight blond hair (like me). When she was about 3, we were shopping at a kids’ clothing store. I was looking at some dresses for the girls, I had three by then Sar was the oldest, when I turned around I saw her locked in an “hair-touching-embrase” with an adorable black boy of about the same age. The look on their faces was priceless! Their fingers were just stroking each other’s hair with totally amazed looks on their faces. I have to say his mother got quite indignant. I gently told her that neither one was harming the other that they were just enthralled with each other’s hair, hair that was totally opposite from theirs. I told her to look at the expressions on their faces which mollified her. Thank you for bringing up that memory. I can still see the look of wonderment on both of their precious faces.

    I’ll tell you right now that I’d want to feel your hair too! Tactile persons want to touch everything! 😎


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