On The Road Disappointment

~This morning, in Tucson, we took our time getting ready for the next leg of our journey to Austin. The plans were to visit a huge, RV dealership and then Grandma’s Spinning Wheel fiber/yarn store. Bad news, when I checked the store hours, I saw that it was closed today. Disappointment! The fibers on their website look so luscious. So, we left a good 1 1/2 later than we would have if I’d been more vigilant and checked the hours sooner.  I’ll have to see if I can visit the store on the return trip. We headed out without waiting to visit the RV dealership.

How the heck did El Paso, Texas warrant not one but two songs about it? There are some very pretty cities in Texas, but I don’t think this is one. Sorry.  We did a quick pass through the city on I-10, staying the night in Van Horn, Tx. We’ve lost 2 hours on this trip! In the Central Standard Time Zone now.  It will be nice going the other way and gaining time. 😎

Tomorrow I’m hoping to visit Yarnivore in San Antonio. Yes, I’ve checked and it’s open on Mondays, closed Tuesdays. The store was recommended by Veronica of Agujas Blog. I can’t wait! I’m having fiber withdrawal jitters!

We’re taking it slow, gone are the days when we could drive 900 miles in one day. 😎 We should be in Austin by Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted. Ta.




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